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Pine Lane Soaps is a small family owned business dedicated to using all natural products for bath and body. We have registered Toggenburg and Saanen dairy goats and our children show them in 4-H.  Our main product is goat’s milk soap.  Located in SouthWestern Ohio, we work together as a family to create many varieties of goat’s milk soap.

Beginning in 1961 – our grandfather began cultivating this land and began raising beef cattle.  Several years later he bought a Jersey Cow and we were instantly hooked on fresh milk.  Today the farm remain much the same as it did years ago, with the addition of a new goat yard. We still have descendents of the original beef herd, accompanied by hogs, chickens, geese, donkeys and a variety of cats and dogs.

Goat’s milk is high in fat, which, combined with the other natural oils we use, makes a fabulous moisturizing soap.  Commercial soaps have a water base and in the process, naturally occurring glycerin is removed and put into other products.  In our soaps, made using the Cold Process method, the glycerin remains which is why goat’s milk soap is so much more moisturizing than commercial soap or shower gel. All of our soap contains Shea Butter, which adds wonderful moisturizing and healing benefits to the soap.  Our bars are 4 – 5 oz. each.

- All our soaps are made in small batches using milk from our own dairy goats. No pre-made bases.

- We use only the highest quality oils and butters.   Only natural and gentle ingredients. We use fair trade oils and butters when possible.

- No harsh chemicals , additives or alcohol is used that can irritate or dry the skin.

- Naturally occurring glycerin is left in the soap for deep moisturizing.

- Goats milk adds extra vitamins and minerals to nourish your skin and seal in moisture.  It makes a smooth and creamy lather.

- Lotions, lip balm and body scrubs available too.

- Goats milk has the same pH as human skin.

- Lots of fabulous scents and botanicals!

“We love our goats!”